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Welcome to the Dibs Only Collection!

While this is a public collection, you can only purchase these items if you have an active Dibs Spot. This is a 7 digit code given out by Mike Bond or Michael Miller for varies reasons, usually related to your participation in the HiTex Gear community via social media. If you currently have a dibs spot you are ready to use it for a single item in this collection, we are excited to share how it works!

How to use Your Dibs Spot

Using your assigned Dibs Spot to gain purchase access to an item is easy. Once you have viewed what is available and are ready to start the checkout process, simply click the “Use Dibs” button listed below the product in the web shop. This will direct you to enter your code, and then bring you back to the desired item where you can now click “Add to Cart” and check out as usual. Please note that once your dibs spot is typed in and sent to our system, it is considered “cashed in” even if you do not complete checkout. It is important to only type in your code when you are ready to checkout.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get a dibs spot?

This is up to the discretion of the Mikes. A good start is to join our growing community via our closed Facebook group and Instagram page.



  • Is a Dibs Spot transferable person to person?

Yes, it is.

  • What do I do if my assigned Dibs Spot isn’t working?

Contact Michael Miller via Facebook PM

Thanks for taking the time to learn about the HiTex Gear Dibs Spots! This is a new system, so we are still working out the bugs as they come up. As always, we will update you if there are any other changes or notes.

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